New play marks 25 years since worst terrorist attack in the UK

by ele-admin on May 14, 2013

“They may have silenced us, but only temporarily. There will be others, at first a few, then hundreds, thousands, millions…”

The Elements World Theatre presents Lockerbie: Lost Voices, a new play premièring at the Edinburgh Fringe, marking 25 years since the disaster.

The play, written by Lee Gershuny, directed by Corinne Harris and with design by Scott Anderson, gives voice to six hypothetical passengers both before and after the ill-fated Pan-Am Flight 103 explodes over the small Scottish town of Lockerbie. Fact and fiction merge in one of the characters, inspired by an actual victim, Major Chuck McKee, an army officer and CIA agent.

With humour, love, courage and humility, the characters wrestle with their personal conflicts, preside over their own funeral and finally bear witness to the criminal investigation immediately following the disaster. From their metaphysical ‘departure lounge’, they shed new light on the worst terrorist attack in the UK.

The production sets poetic dialogue and movement against a backdrop of shadows and whispers.

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