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Edinburgh Guide Preview: Messages from a Mental Institution

by ele-admin on March 14, 2014

Later this month, Summerhall is hosting Messages from a Mental Institution by poet and award winning American playwright Lee Gershuny. The work presents complex social, political and philosophical ideas in light-hearted, often laughable dialogue between a man and a woman. Her company, Elements World Theatre is a professional new writing company presenting new ways of looking at old myths, archetypes and cultural conflict. It is dedicated to presenting thought provoking, intimate, moving and entertaining theatre that is sometimes controversial.

In Messages from a Mental Institution, a woman believes her husband is sending her messages from a mental institution. She wants to help him, but she doesn’t know where he is or why he’s there. She looks everywhere and consults various authorities. Where is this mental institution? Who is really sending the messages and why?

An absurd, surreal production, Messages from a Mental Institution invites the audience to leave their pre-conceptions behind and be totally unprepared for whatever happens.

Lee Gershuny, says “I see this play as a light-hearted Kafkaesque journey toward love, truth and freedom.”

The play has a strong two handed cast: James Bryce, who has appeared in over 100 plays all over the UK for such companies as Communicado, the Royal Lyceum, Vanishing Point, and The National as well as having made almost 300 BBC radio broadcasts and actor/director, Corinne Harris who is a graduate in Text & Performance and has already appeared six times with EWT.

Dates: Wednesday–Saturday, 19th-22nd March, 7:30 pm

Ticket prices: £10 / £8

Venue Box Office Enquiries: 0845 874 3001
age recommend 16+

There will be a post-performance discussion on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Reviewer: Irene Brown

Messages from a Mental Institution

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